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Union Construction Workers Health Plan

This site allows participant to view various information relating to his/her accounts within their union fringe benefits that are administered by Northwestern Ohio Administrators, Inc.

List of Unions Included in this site:

  • Ironworkers Local No. 55
  • Bricklayers Local No. 3
  • Bricklayers Local No. 3-1
  • Tile Setters Local No. 3
  • Tile Finishers Local No. 3
  • Painters Local No. 7
  • Painters Local No. 1020
  • Roofers Local No. 134
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local No. 33 Toledo District
  • Glaziers Local No. 948
  • Insulators Local No. 41

Once you log in with your personal User Name and Password you will be able to:

  • View Eligibility
  • View Work History
  • View Annuity Status
  • View Annuity Payouts
  • View Savings Benefit Balance
  • View Contributions
  • View Pension Status
  • View Benefit Summary
  • View Claims History
  • View HRA Claims History
  • View Member/Dependent Census Information
  • View Beneficiary Information
  • Change profile

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